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A Certain Wildness

From my desk in the house I look out at a patch of my garden. The fountain catches the early morning light and orange Crocosmia are glowing amongst purple Polygala virgata. There are birds everywhere...

The Summer has been warm and wet and I have let things overgrow. Neatness has its virtues indeed, but wildness brings another level of life to the garden. Shrubs tangle into each other providing corridors and shelter for birds .

Pink Shell bush gives softness to the form of Aloe pluridens in the background. Orange furry whorls of Leonotis intermedia jostle with the hairy seed pods of Gomphocarpus physocarpus .

There is a continual procession of various sunbirds darting between the last scarlet blooms of the dwarf Coral and the newly opened Kniphofia praecox which have followed on from yellow Kniphofia citrina . The birds are never without nectar in this garden .

The great invitation to wildlife outside my office is the Halleria lucida, aflame in the first rays of the sun. Adorned with rows upon rows of orange red blooms, feeding insects of all description the Tree fuschia is truly a tree of life.

Let your garden have a touch of wildness , sit back and see what unfolds.


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