Consultation process... How does it work ?


I offer hour long consultations.  Together we look at your garden and come up with a vision.


Whether a brand new garden or an established one, I give advice, identify plants,  alien invaders and offer planting solutions to your garden problems.


There are a few  options depending on your budget and your needs.

  1. Consultation for an hour.  You take notes at the time. It starts a conversation and we can chat further if you have more questions.  I remember gardens for a long time !​

  2. Consultation with a sketch plan.  This is an easy to follow colour coded plan with descriptions of all the recommended plants.  This way you can plant your own garden according to time and budget. I spend an hour with you and we have a follow up session to hand the plan over.

  3. Consultation with a sketch plan and placement. We can then  supply the recommended plants , deliver and place them correctly – making the whole process easy for you.

  4. Quote .  I visit your garden , together we create a vision for the garden of your dreams.  We do the installation.


Landscaping process... How does it work ?

Whether you have a bare building site or an established garden needing a face lift – it starts with an initial consultation and we create a vision and  a plan for installation.


Formal or informal?

Grassland or Cottage garden ?

Are succulents your hearts desire?


We do all styles. We quote and discuss the plan and the plants.  

Together with our team of 4 we move in with plants and trees , soil improving products, , birdbaths rocks or water features as required – and transform your space –  we promise you ... you will be delighted.

Garden Clubs

Please note we do welcome garden clubs by prior arrangement